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Join us for a FREE 30 Minute Training

Participate in a FREE 30 min training where we reveal our 10 Off-Road Riding Secrets

What's included inside the course?

30+ Videos/3 Hours of content

Instantly gain access to our library of 30+ training videos.

Access to ALL Future Content

Gain access to all future content. Videos added weekly.

Personal Mentorship

Receive my personal contact info for questions and guidance.

Access to Exclusive Facebook Community

Join our private Facebook group where we work together to implement the techniques.

Access to Regular Rider Challenges

Participate in weekly rider challenges to help implement the course material. 

Virtual Ride Shadows

Join us behind the scenes as we share our personal preparation before races and rides.

Weekly Q&A

Participate in weekly Q&A's to ask questions and learn together. 

Regular FREE Gear Giveaways

Participate in regular FREE gear giveaways. We recently gave away a brand new helmet. 

FREE Fitness Programs

Personal fitness programs catered to individual riders and their goals.

"Josh is an incredible teacher. He understands the WHY behind riding techniques and is able to explain it in a way that is easy to understand, and then implement. This is an incredible tool for any rider!"

D.J. Gardner
Off-Road Rider

"...The skills explained and demonstrated in the videos allow me to watch the video and then practice these techniques. The course has built my confidence as a rider so I can ride harder and safer..."

Nick Terry
Off-Road Rider

"I started riding almost 4 years ago and have been hooked ever since. I wasn't having too much success on my own, but I have recently started seeing improvement through Josh's riding course. I have only been implementing his techniques for a few weeks, but I have already seen progress."

Garrett Wastlund
Off-Road Rider

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