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Basics and Technique

Learn the fundamental skills for riding off-road motorcycles

11 Videos

Obstacles and Terrain

Learn how to apply your riding skills to unique off-road obstacles such as rocks, sand, and logs. 

13 Videos


Learn the tips and tricks we've learned from maintaining our own motorcycles and saving money. 

10 Videos


Learn how professional racers train their bodies. 

9 Videos

Trail Riding

Learn what gear we use and how to navigate the mountains and deserts.

7 Videos


Learn how to get good starts and mental tactics to improve your racing results.

13 Videos

Future Content

Don't Miss out! We consistently create new course content weekly!

Weekly Content

Facebook Community

Share your experience with hundreds of other riders just like you and learn together through our private Facebook Group.

Private FB Group

Weekly Drills

Implement the course material by participating in our Weekly Rider Challenges where we share drills to improve your riding.

61 Videos

Ride Reviews

Submit your riding footage and receive specific feedback for your technique.

Ride Reviews

Monthly Live Q&A

Join our Monthly Live calls and get your questions answered.

Monthly Q&A

Fitness Programs

Improve your riding stamina by joining us in daily workout programs.


Full Race Commentary

Learn exactly what Pro Riders are thinking about during a race.

13 Videos

Personal Mentorship

Learn skills we've developed from over 20 years of riding and racing experience


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+ Private Facebook Community

+ Monthly LIVE Q&A's

+ Daily Fitness Programs

+ Feedback Videos!


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Ride Recommendations

Learn about some of our favorite places to ride + GPS Routes 

Suspension Settings

Learn about our suspension settings and find comfort on your own machine.

GoPro Settings

Learn about our favorite GoPro Settings and capture the best POV footage!

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  • Access 150+ Training Videos
  • All Future Content
  • Monthly Live Q&A's
  • Daily Fitness Programs
  • Feedback Videos

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